My Top Hair Tips

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It’s official, winter is here! As the dark evenings have been rolling in and the temperatures have been dropping, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from my clients about caring for their hair in the colder months. 

As you probably guessed, hair care is extremely important throughout the year, not just in winter. But, I do understand that sometimes the world of hair can be complicated and it can be hard to even know where to begin, but don’t fear! I’ve compiled my Ultimate Top Eight Hair Tips to make sure your hair is looking amazing throughout winter and beyond.

1. Create a moodboard 

It’s always good to come to your hair appointment with some ideas on how you would like your hair to look. I always suggest to clients to create a Pinterest board of looks they like or save photos on Instagram. As hairdressing is a visual art, it’s nice for a hairdresser to be able to see what your tastes are and work from there to create your vision.

2. Consultation

Consultations are one of the most important steps in your salon visit. Always ensure you get a proper, thorough consultation at the beginning of your hair appointment. This short chat ensures that you and your stylist are on the same page before any service is started, which reduces the risk of running into any complications. 

3.  Always re-book

I always recommend booking your next appointment before leaving the salon. Regular salon visits are a must for maintaining the shape of your cut and keeping your colour vibrant. It’s important to get your hair cut every six weeks or so to ensure you get rid of pesky split ends and keep it looking it’s best. By booking your next appointment before leaving the salon, you can usually guarantee an appointment slot. This is particularly important coming up to busy seasons like Christmas time. 

4. Heat protection 

Heat protection is a very easy way to look after your hair daily, but is a step many people skip! My team’s favourite heat protector is Redken’s Iron Shape 11. You simply spray on wet or dry hair before straightening or blowdrying and it will help to protect hair colour and maintain shine. 

5. Use good products

As many of my clients will know, one thing I always harp on about is the importance of good quality products. I can’t stress enough the difference using high-quality products will have on your hair. 

In Cyril Morgan Hair, we use mainly Redken products, as I love that they are a ‘non-nonsense’ product and they do exactly what they say on the tin. To maintain glossy brunette colours, Redken’s Colour Extend Range guarantees you shine and colour protection, while blondes should invest in the Redken Blondage Range, which will kill any brassiness in your colour.  

Your stylist will always recommend the best products for your hair, and while they may be more expensive than your average supermarket shampoo, I can guarantee you that they are worth it. 

6. Say goodbye to box dye

Ladies, put down the box dye! My number one hair colour rule is to never colour your hair using an out of the box formula. While you may think you are saving some money, you will end up spending a mini-fortune, in the long run, trying to correct your colour. 

Colour corrections are a time consuming and costly process and it can take multiple salon visits to correct your hair colour to its pre-box dye shade. When trained hair colourists mix colour, it is a fine art which is similar to creating a chemistry formula. Sometimes, colourists will mix multiple different tubes of colour to create your desired shade and perfect blend, a process which can’t be replicated at home.

7. Tangle teezers

An easy way to stop hair breakage is to invest in a Tangle Teezer. This detangling hairbrush is a godsend to anyone who’s hair is easily knotted. My top tip for tangled hair would be to always start brushing at the ends, working your way towards the root area, to limit hair breakage.

8. The First Shampoo treatment

A lot of my clients have trouble managing frizzy or unruly hair, especially when battling with the elements such as humidity in summer or rain in winter. The First Shampoo treatment is a keratin treatment we’ve just introduced to the salon, which will take the hardship out of styling your hair.

The treatment contains five amino acids which when activated by heat, react together inside the hair to change the molecular structure of the hair bonds, leaving hair not only straight and smooth but also in fantastic condition for up to four months. 

9. INOA colour 

If you have found that your hair is starting to feel dry and damaged after your regular colour appointment, it may be time to switch to INOA Colour. 

INOA is ammonia-free colour, which can be a lot kinder to your hair and scalp. Ammonia is a chemical found in most hair colour formulas, which isn’t suitable for clients with sensitive scalps and overtime can cause damage to the hair. Switching to INOA can help to improve the condition of your hair and is a more gentle product to use on your scalp.

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Previously published in Cyril’s column in the Limerick Leader newspaper