Hair Trends

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This week I’m chatting all about upcoming hair trends, I’m just back from Salon International in London, and it’s safe to say I’m feeling inspired! 

The Cyril Morgan Hair team went on our first group trip to Salon International last week in London. Salon International is a huge yearly event in the hairdressing industry, which showcases all of the upcoming hair trends and innovations. The whole team had so much fun over there, and we're all feeling really excited to bring these trends to the salon floor. 

Like fashion, hair trends come and go all of the time. Every year, my clients always ask me what is in style this season, and I always respond with the same thing...

Suitability, manageability and healthy shiny hair are three things that never go out of fashion.

No matter the style, I always ensure each client's hair cut has these three attributes and that their hair is easy to manage. I also always stress the importance of using the right products for your hair and maintaining your colour in between services, with things like our newly launched colour bombs! These freshen up your colour in-between colour appointments and keep your hair looking shiny and healthy.

Colour Placement 

Signature colour placement is going to have a moment going into 2020. Contouring the face using colour was seen a lot, which focuses on colour placement at the front of the hair to suit your face shape and can add brightness to your complexion.

Another trend I saw a lot of was subtle pastel colours, which were reflective and shiny rather than harsh and bold. Along with these, we will be seeing a lot more hair versatility in the coming season, with signature hidden colour placement being a significant trend. 

Natural red colour, glossy platinum hair, deep chocolate browns and blonde colour will also be on the scene for 2020. 

Exaggerated partings are going to be everywhere this winter and next year. Middle partings are having a moment, as well as deep side partings. 

Hair accessories have been a hair staple all year, and they are here to stay. Diamante slogan slides and beaded hair bands were everywhere, and they're an effortless and inexpensive way to have fun with your look.

Short Haircuts

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a massive fan of short hair cuts, so as you can imagine, I was delighted to learn that they are going to be huge in 2020. Short, sculpted and well-tailored haircuts, which play on face shape, in particular, are going to be a big trend. Dare to go super short with a disconnected pixie, or even a buzz cut!

Especially with short hair cuts, if the hair isn't shaped correctly around the face, it's like a canvas without a frame. When you correctly form a haircut to suit the face, it can take a fantastic haircut into an absolutely fantastic one!

70's & 80's 

My fashion era is back! The '70s and 80's vibes are going to be big coming into winter and 2020, with both style and hair. 

In particular, men's hair seems to be moving away from fades and tailored cuts to a more grungey 70's feel. Hair is starting to be grown out and worn wavy and messy. 

If you are thinking of trying any of the above trends, visit the Cyril Morgan Hair team for a complimentary consultation. 

Previously published in Cyril’s column in the Limerick Leader newspaper