A cut above

Oct 2019 #newsalon #hair #news

I opened the salon four months ago on Limerick’s Riverside and I am loving every minute since. Opening my own salon in Limerick has always been a dream of mine, and one that I have finally achieved after more than thirty years in the hairdressing industry.

As some of you may know, I worked as a hairdresser in Limerick City for 33 years, before moving to Dubai two and a half years ago. During my time in Dubai, I was busy running my salon Ted Morgan Hair with my brother Damian, as well as working as a L’Oréal Educator in the Gulf Region. Being an educator with L’Oréal allowed me to travel all around the UAE region, teaching in places like Abu Dhabi, Oman, Kuwait and of course Dubai to name a few. I also had the opportunity to work as a Dyson Hair Ambassador, as well as regularly conduct grooming workshops for Emirates at their Aviation Training College. 

Although my time in Dubai was great, there was always something missing. It wasn’t home.

The concept for Cyril Morgan Hair was born through a desire to create a brand new salon and client experience in Limerick city. When people visit a hair salon, they automatically expect fantastic colour and styling, however, I think the salon experience is enhanced and elevated through the little things outside of this.

In my salon, I take pride in our attention to detail to making your salon experience memorable, relaxing and of course luxurious. We make the whole process simple, from being able to make your appointment online to ensuring that you receive proper advice on how to care for your hair at home. My carefully selected team specialise in bespoke cutting and colour techniques, and ensure that each look is tailored for you, focusing on suitability, manageability and of course that it’s going to look fantastic! They work with your face shape as the canvas and create the perfect frame to compliment. When you go home, we want you to be able to easily recreate the style, so we will always advise you on the right products and we’re very lucky to be associated with L’Oréal and Redken. 

In terms of decor, I wanted the salon to stand out and be a space full of fun and colourful details. I have used bright colours throughout our branding and salon space, as well as filling the space with quirky and bespoke features. I wanted Cyril Morgan Hair to inspire both relaxation and creativity, and I think we managed to strike a good balance between the two! (Take a peek inside the salon here)

I always get asked what keeps me so passionate about the hairdressing industry after all of these years. I always say without fail that the biggest compliment for me as a hairdresser is when someone stops one of my clients on the street and asks them where they got their hair done. The buzz that gives me is incomparable and keeps my passion alive. It cements the fact that each client that walks into my salon is the most important person in the room.

Make sure to check out my next column, where I’ll be chatting about hair loss and our salon’s private area ‘Inner Space’. 

This article is re-published from Cyril’s column in the Limerick Leader newspaper. Bi-weekly Cyril will be sharing thoughts on everything hair-related and offering advice and valuable information on everything from hair loss to choosing the right products and everything in between.